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Susan Udero, Director of Operations

My name is Susan Udero, and I am the  Director Of Operations for Colorado Women’s 2020 USA World Record Ride.  I am a biker, comedian, comedy shows producer, and director of motorcycle events.  I rode all the west side of the states performing at various motorcycle events!  Looking forward to riding the east side of the states.  I ride with a plushed toy (beaver> name Rocky).  My vision for coordinating the world record ride in Colorado came to me 3 years ago. A rush to see many women riders unite for a cause and a world record. The United Kingdom has the world record of 1,132 women riders on one ride.  My first thought is “we are ten-fold women riders in the USA”.  We can break the world record in the USA, straight from All USA.  I will say “Colorado has the best scenic rides”. Ride to Colorado and let’s break the world record in Colorado.  Benefit for Hope House!

Hope House Colorado

Susan Udero – Director of Operations

Susy Garcia aka (Lumbre) Chief Overseer

I have been riding for over 24 years. my passion came after I rode a small scooter, I saw this lady rider pulled up next to my father car and I said to myself I am going to be like her one day a rider! and here I am, I love helping others in any way I can. I met Susan Risky by doing charity work for the homeless and she asked me if I wanted to be part of this great event she was putting together, that was The Colorado Women’s Record Attempt event 2019 and I said “yes”, it was the most amazing sight I ever experience, I saw how many women riders from different backgrounds became united in one place, as well able to support charity organizations. Looking forward to support Colorado Women’s 2020 USA World Record Ride!!!!!! World Records 2020 here we come!!

Susy Garcia

Audrey Paulus, Road Captain

I am honored to be the Road Captain for the Colorado Women’s 2020 USA World Record Ride. During the week, I am a sales and marketing professional for a manufacturing company and during the weekend, I am a biker chick.  I have been riding motorcycles for over seventeen years and run a biker Facebook group page Cool Biker Lunch & Rides where I post and lead rides and organize and host events.  It is wonderful to meet like-minded bikers who are both giving and warmhearted people.

Audrey Paulus – Road Captain

Nat Manun – Director of Media Marketing

I have been a motorcycle rider for over five years. In those five years I put over 20,000 miles cruising around the majestic lands of America, and I am not done yet, with every chance I gets, I have been in a bike headed out on the adventures the roads bring. Always seeking new ways to challenge the status quo and contribute to the world in a positive way. In 2019 I was part of an all women’s ride in an attempt to beat the world records for the most women riders in one parade. I will definitely be part of this ride in 2020, and this time the record will be set.  With over ten years of experiential marketing experience, I combined passion of motorcycles and my outgoing personality by managing, executing and building events from scratch. Every event is a new experience, and making that experience thrive through social media is what I do the best.

Meet the Team

Susan Udero, Director of Operations

Susy Garcia, Chief Overseer

Nat Manun, Director of Media Marketing

Audrey Paulus, Road Captain