About Us

Susan Udero, Director of Operations

My name is Susan Udero, and I am the  Director Of Operations for Colorado Women’s 2021 USA World Record Ride.  I am a biker, comedian, comedy shows producer, and director of motorcycle events.  I rode all the west side of the states performing at various motorcycle events!  Looking forward to riding the east side of the states.  I ride with a plushed toy (beaver> name Rocky).  My vision for coordinating the world record ride in Colorado came to me 3 years ago. A rush to see many women riders unite for a cause and a world record. The United Kingdom has the world record of 1,132 women on the same place.  My first thought is “we are ten-fold women riders in the USA”.  We can break the world record in the USA, straight from All USA.  I will say “Colorado has the best scenic rides”. Ride to Colorado and let’s break the world record in Colorado.  

Susan Udero – Director of Operations

All Proceeds Benefit Firefly Autism

Firefly Autism transforms the lives of children on the autism spectrum.  We partner with families to provide thoughtful, innovative, and evidence-based services that support children’s learning and development.

Firefly was established in Denver in 2003. Once a small, applied behavior analysis therapy provider, Firefly has since grown into a nationally recognized organization that provides comprehensive treatment and support to children and adults of all ages. In recognition of the diverse needs of individuals on the autism spectrum, Firefly offers numerous programs including center-based and home-based services across the Front Range, social skills groups, adult groups, and sibling groups. We also provide diagnostic services, speech, and occupational therapy. 

Firefly is best known for its applied behavior analysis services. Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is an evidence-based treatment that supports the development of social, communication and learning skills. It is often considered the gold-standard in treatment for individuals on the autism spectrum.